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Customer Testimonials

How Accuracy KJ Robert Is With His Reading's He Was Given #5 Crystal Balls, For A Great Reading By The New Yorker!

Here are some of the remark's

that people have left about his reading's

Kj I just want to thank you and bless you for the wonderful beautiful person you are and for your gift of sight. You were so right on in our reading. On Mon I received the gift of life my new lungs. You gave me hope at a low time. You even had a male donor right. I can not thank you enough.

Kat M - Oct 23

Thank you Kj for the reading. Accurate, Honest, and informative is the best way to describe the reading. I finally received the message I have been searching for. Thank you Ken. God Bless

Jane F - September 

The level of service with Kj Robert is fantastic. Having been a customer for a few years now, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism and you war so right on with so many thing's in my life,and what you have said about my job was so scary, Thank you!”

Sema C -August 21

People People please get a reading from Kj and listen listen to him. My husband Jack spoke with him Thursday night and Kj said he had issues with his stomach. To our knowledge he didn't. Saturday evening Jack turned chalk white grabbed a table and could not breathe and said his stomach was hurting. He wanted to lay down but said "no Kj said I had a stomach issue" so off to the hospital we go. After several hours of testing it came back perforated ulcer. He was rushed to surgery for a repair and an infection was discovered. Jack is now recovering and the surgeon advised me had we not come straight away I would be making funeral plans. Kj Robert saved my husband's life!!!! Please listen to Kj get a reading. If what he says does not make sense at that moment it will in the near future!!! Thank you Kj. All though Jack said he will not speak with you again LOL we both know he will!

Vera G.- May 29

Thank you. Thank you. Thank You!!!! If I could write it a million more times it still wouldn't be enough to express my true gratitude. My soul was searching for the answers Kj has finally put to rest. His accuracy of me (all all the major players in my life) and my situations were beyond on point. I have been struggling with following my gut or my ego with certain matters of the heart and the debate was slowly ticking away at my self worth. He advised me to take care of my situation as "godly" and "calmly" as possible by the weekend. In less than 8 hours after my reading (on a Thursday) EVERY SINGLE THING he advised me to take caution and care on happened before my eyes. I was able to keep my composure during the trying ordeal by replaying his words in my head. I know based on the nature of the situation that the rest of the month may be difficult but Kj guidance and reassurances have given me the hope and courage to finally be happy and embrace all the good coming my way at the top of the new year. Thanks a million! Tamiah B,, Dec 1 

I just had the most awesome session with Kj Robert. He is a true Clairvoyant, which is rare. He was able to pick up "Lillie Mae" spirit instantly. Anyone who is needing to connect with love ones who have passed over or just needing some questions answered reach out to him because he is the real deal. He picked up alot stuff about me that no one else's would know. God Bless You Kj, Your truly gifted.

Olivia J ,,Jan 10, ·

Kj Robert is an amazing intuitive, psychic and healer! He suggested I have a list of questions prepared, and answered all of them before I had a chance to ask them! He is extremely gifted and I highly recommend receiving a reading from him ~ it is a blessing! Susan B January 13

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